Sunday, 22 September 2013

A glimpse within

Let's open the book and take a look. The title page shows one of Edgar's embarrassing walks in the park, with Jarvis in full evening constitutional vigour. Also one of the endpapers showing Jarvis in some of his madcap guises - stare and you will see Count Jarvula; Jarlock Holmes; Docjarv Who; Jamlet; Jarvo; and Jarvison Airplane, among other hilarity. A couple more spreads provide a hint of what other high jinks go on in the story.


  1. I hope this book will one day in France because the design is very cute and it would be a shame to deprive our young readers !

    Frédéric Cuvilly

    1. Thank you, Frédéric, I hope the book will eventually see print in France, too! In the meantime I'll try and present plenty of interesting Octopuppy stuff here.