Saturday, 28 September 2013

Glamorous Cover Shoot #1

"That's it Jarvis love, nice and close. Yes, yes! No! We don't want your face, love. Grab your dog tag. Good. Try it with both tentacles, yes. Like you're adjusting a bow tie. Very groovy. That's it! Hold it there!! Bewdiful!!"

"And... again, but this time I'll just pull down this red backdrop. That's it, nice. Right I've had enough, I'm off to buy a big propeller and take photos down the park."

These are a couple of unused designs I did for the book's cover. They're only rough, these, but I'd been experimenting with giving the cover just a hint of Saul Bass flavour, using bold lines and colours and jazzy lettering. I was thinking of only showing parts of Jarvis, so that he remained mysterious and, combined with the title, this might make for an intriguing lead image. In the end though, voting for the cute puppies was unanimous!

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