Friday, 20 September 2013

The Octopuppy

Okay, so The Octopuppy! A quick introduction. It's a picture book written & illustrated by me. Hello. It's been published in hardback by Scholastic/Omnibus books, and it's available in Australia and New Zealand. With luck and a following wind it'll make it out in other parts of the world before too long. Here are photos of the book itself.

The image above shows Jarvis the (ever so slightly camp) octopus in one of his many stupid outfits. Lacking the natural camouflage abilities of normal octopoda, Jarvis dresses up in ridiculous wigs and things - with hilarious results, of course.

Huge thanks to Dyan, Patricia, and Celia, the team at Omnibus books, for making the book a reality. And my eternal admiration, gratitude and thanks to my partner, the wonderful Aimee. Working on the book was lots of fun, but inventing the characters and perfecting a storyline was a challenge, and without all her generous input and support there would be nothing. In future posts I hope to show more of how the ideas and characters came about.

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