Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Doctorpus

Happy Birthday for yesterday to Doctor Who.

Doctjarv Who

Here's Jarvis the Octopuppy in his Whovian get-up. For one of his silly outfits in the book, I chose to dress him as "my" Doctor, Tom Baker. Not only because ol' Tom was my favourite in the role (with Patrick Troughton a close second) but because Jarvis's googly eyes aren't a million miles away from Mr. Baker's own.

I was careful to match the colours of the original scarf, along with other details of Tom's earliest outfits. The sonic screwdriver is authentic mid-'70s... and of course the bag of jelly babies. Plus a little sink plunger reminder of his deadliest foes (which also provides a plumbing link to Jarvis's toilet journey from the story in The Octopuppy.)

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