Thursday, 23 January 2014

Laughing Gravy

This double page spread in which we get a cutaway of the sewer pipes is proving to be a favourite among readers. Edgar weeps into the toilet (which had been the exit route taken earlier by Jarvis) and his sniffling plea is heard and passed on among the community of helpful aquatic creatures living in the pipes. There's a lot of interesting stuff buried under Edgar's house, including an unexploded SC 1800 Satan. I'm rather fond of the thuggish escaped con who's busy tunnelling with his spoon in the bottom left.

Not that it directly related to drawing this scene, but something that I had in the back of my mind while working on it, was a sequence from Busy Bodies, the 1933 Laurel & Hardy film. It's the bit towards the end in which Oliver is dragged into the internal workings of the sawmill. 

Laurel & Hardy's short films were regularly to be found in the BBC tv schedules in the UK when I was a kid, so I saw many of them repeatedly, and details of their routines became lodged deep in my subconscious and formed the foundation for my appreciation of comedy. My favourites from that era remain The Marx Brothers, and more about their influence, especially Harpo, on Jarvis and The Octopuppy, another time. Anyway, you can watch Busy Bodies in full here - that's a good idea!


  1. I think there is an episode of The Simpsons where this sort of underground treasure trove is employed... Or I might have dreamt it!

    So how do you play the game anyway?! Ha!

  2. What, indeed, is that 'game' bit all about?