Monday, 31 August 2015

Inside The Crocodolly

The Crocodolly is released tomorrow (available to buy now in the Scholastic store), and here's a look inside the book.

Adelaide, our little girl heroine, has a troubled past when it comes to pets.

So she takes drastic action to keep Ozzy, her new baby crocodile, a secret from the powers that be.

And it looks like she might just get away with it.

But Ozzy doesn't really help matters by growing to monstrous proportions.

Which leads to no end of bother!  What will become of poor old Ozzy?

An early review of The Crocodolly from The Children's Book Council of Australia.


  1. It's Nov 3, 2015 and I still can't find any booksellers (B&M nor internet) with this book in the U.S. Does anyone know when this book will become available?

    1. Hello Sydney. Thanks so much for your interest. Unfortunately 'The Crocodolly' hasn't yet received a U.S. release. But there's hope that it'll follow 'The Octopuppy' and come out in a U.S. edition at some point. I'll be sure to post news of that if or when it happens!

    2. 'The Crocodolly' is currently available at with free worldwide shipping: Their service is excellent. Many thanks!